tres meses

leica is three months old!
well, he was on the 16th.
look how he has grown.

  serious pout face

 leica is so strong and loves tummy time

someone's balding

 leica's favorite spot these days is in our bed all cuddled up. 
the bed looks GIGANTIC when he's in it.


bumbo babe

fourth of july

we spent july 4th in dallas with my family. it was our first time to travel and it went so smoothly! 
hello, world! here we come.
 snuggle time with barbie

leica taking his first swim! he loves the water


leica, big and strong         
 before leica and dustin's run

 pooped! after the run

leica is pretty serious about litter. 
don't mess with texas or you'll make this baby cry

dinner with friends

lauren had us over for dinner last week. we are getting out more, showing the world to leica and leica is showing us what he is like and capable of. we already knew this, but it has been confirmed three-fold! leica is awesome! so easy-going and relaxed, so adaptable, and so stinkin' cute. 

my boys watching lauren's big screen

 tia holita, our friend hollie, with leica after he slept soundly on lauren's big, comfy couch