such a fun weekend!

dustin and i started watching this show called treme recently. it takes place in new orleans about three months after katrina hit. very interesting, so colorful, and full of this undying energy, which is sort of how i've heard new orleans described. anyway, the last episode we just watched was one where a lot of the community came together and had a parade that celebrated or was stating that the residents were moving back in to their neighborhoods. the parade was full of that same energy, wonderful brass band music, and a deep camaraderie that cant be duplicated. while watching the episode, i couldnt help but feel the energy and dance in my seat. it was uncontrollable! i kept thinking, wouldnt that be awesome to be a part of something like that?
well, this weekend a group called honk!tx came through austin and held a parade that went from one park on the east side to a park in the middle of downtown and we got to be a part of it!
honk!tx is an organization of traveling marching bands. its free to the public and anyone is welcomed, actually encouraged, to join in! great for any and all ages and only fun to be had.
really, my dream came true and this weekend was one of the funnest we've had as a family. 
such a great experience.
if honk!tx (click for website & info) is coming through your town and you have the opportunity to join in their celebration of just plain getting together and having fun, i highly suggest doing so.


birthday celebration!

 katy & jacob, our gracious hosts

 surprise! katy walked out with the bright cake with 29 candles!



dog obsession and dallas trip

 dressing up leica. grannie sent us a flowered head band that looks just precious on our sweet little boy.
 quickly crumbling

 leica loves the dogs. anything and everything they do or have, he's interested. water bowls, dog beds and growling at people walking with their dogs in front of our house...
nothing is off limits.

we made a quick trip up to dallas last weekend for my birthday. we had some quality time with barbie and coot and the cousins.

we stayed with our friends katy and jacob. they live right down the street from tietze park, which is a park i remember playing at as a kid.