third trimester

i really love being pregnant. 
i feel like this time around has been easier on my body, even though i have a teetering exploring toddler to chase after.
 30 weeks

 31 weeks

32 weeks

 32 weeks pregnant with leica

 my tired little conductor


 leica, dustin, g-ma cheryl

 all fancied up for cody's wine country wedding

kendall, nick, dustin, 
g-ma cheryl, and gg-ma carol at apizza scholl's...
 salad, delish pizza and a melt down!

 portland zoo

 with uncle icky on the tractor at the farm section of the zoo

 kissing the polar bears

 swinging like a monkey in the trees

zonked! so tired. what a fun time.

27 weeks (8/11)

here i am, 27 weeks.
this was taken on august 11...i'm playing catch-up with my posts, obviously.

our fall garden

dustin has devised an elaborate plan for our backyard garden area. it will be completely fenced in(to keep dogs out!) and partially lined with limestone(for erosion) and leica loves helping dad out.


i went back to work...for a week. (7/28)

mom came to austin to help us out and watch leica while i filled in  at the salon for a week. what a different life that is!
of course, i got zero pictures of leica and barbie. ugh!

 leica loving on babe #2!

 the many,


 heartfelt faces of

 leica singing. 

 willie revisited...one year later.

 25 weeks!

  just a cute picture. right before i was able to take this, leica was walking around with this scarf in his butt crack. my mom and i were laughing and how cute/funny it was and i think leica got embarrassed.


when we became three

this is the music video that we, mostly dustin, 
has been working on since before leica was born. 
it's a long time coming, to say the least, and i am so proud to have such a talented and sentimental partner in life.
thanks, dustin! you are the best father and you work so hard.


 hello, sunshine!
leica, looking like a big boy and blowing the camera a kiss.

family photos taken by barbie

i'm back!(from nowhere)

well, well, well.
look who it is!
like the title says, i am back, from being nowhere. it has been so long since my last post i have no idea where to begin.

a whole lot has happened since march and probably the biggest reason for my absence is that i am pregnant with our second!
i'm 21 weeks along and growing. i feel like i have more energy this time around, which is a great thing considering i have a teetering toddler to chase after constantly. 

speaking of leica, he turned 1 on april 16th and we threw a fun backyard birthday kegger for him. okay, the beer was for the adults obviously and really, what else do you do for a one year old on their birthday besides play and have fun? so thats what we did! lots of our friends and family(one in the same) came over to celebrate and it was really fantastic to have everyone here to celebrate our sweet little boy.

i was pregnant at leica's birthday party, but only about 9 weeks along, so i wasn't showing. here is me now! 

our first tomato from our garden.

visiting the berre's and barbie and coot!