we love to go and sit outside. 
we only usually go out in the mornings 
since its still in the 100s out there!!!
being outside is a fail-safe way to relax.
if any of us (the dogs, the baby, me) are too excited, 
too bored, or too fussy,
we just head outside and we are cured.

leica's favorite spot to relax.

the old iron patio furniture that i inherited from an unknown source.
it might have been too imperfect for their backyard,
but it fits like a glove in ours.
we make fantastic discoveries in the backyard, 
like this praying mantis.
so cool!

and after dad gets home from work, he joins us.

as always, mom is a pretty comfortable chair, 
no matter where she is.

leica and i tried out his high chair for the first time.
(thanks grannie and uncle nick wolfe)
he's still pretty tiny and we are probably going to stick with the bumbo for now, but i'd say it was a success!

 mmm mmm, food.

look at those feet! aaaaahhhh!

of course, here's a superfluous picture of leica
looking handsome, attentive, and more grown-up than ever.


we (i) decided to have a photo shoot.

i took all these pictures on friday.
he turned 5 months on friday and i thought 
i'll place this sweet little baby boy on a nice backdrop, 
and voila!
i'll get some really great pictures.
no so fast, said this sweet little baby boy who is way more active than when he turned 4 months old, but i still got some really cute pictures. 

unfortunately, these three pictures were the best
leica wasn't having it!
he really needed to be playing, not posing.
so, we started to play.

 little fingers!

we played hide and seek with this green blanket.
he thought it was hilarious! 

he loves playing with his ugly buddy.
turned out being a really fun afternoon.
always does.

five months old. wow!

this is what our life is like these days.
wake up! eat breakfast, play with dad before he goes to work.
take a nap.

wake up, eat again. 
leica loves eating!

play some more. take another nap. 
wake up...EAT!

wait for dad to get home.

 then we EAT, play, and go to bed!
most days we run errands in between all the eating, playing and sleeping.
some days we go by the salon, which leica loves.
we read,
we watch ducks football with friends,

and dad and leica look at the computer.

 they look exactly alike!



part two of nick and kendall's texas trip

 just hanging out laughing

 kendall, leica, and uncle nick

 leica thinks asian babies are cute

 nick, kendall, and leica

 stopped by a hotel on the way to see the bats.
leica loved the aquarium, but more importantly, the a/c!

 waiting for the bats on the congress bridge

 beautiful sunset

 leica doing his best bat call.

 teeny tiny little bats emerging...
 ...a few more...
...the bats looked like crazy moving clouds off in the distance.
what a fun trip. 
can't wait to see nick and kendall again.