hello, sunshine!
leica, looking like a big boy and blowing the camera a kiss.

family photos taken by barbie

i'm back!(from nowhere)

well, well, well.
look who it is!
like the title says, i am back, from being nowhere. it has been so long since my last post i have no idea where to begin.

a whole lot has happened since march and probably the biggest reason for my absence is that i am pregnant with our second!
i'm 21 weeks along and growing. i feel like i have more energy this time around, which is a great thing considering i have a teetering toddler to chase after constantly. 

speaking of leica, he turned 1 on april 16th and we threw a fun backyard birthday kegger for him. okay, the beer was for the adults obviously and really, what else do you do for a one year old on their birthday besides play and have fun? so thats what we did! lots of our friends and family(one in the same) came over to celebrate and it was really fantastic to have everyone here to celebrate our sweet little boy.

i was pregnant at leica's birthday party, but only about 9 weeks along, so i wasn't showing. here is me now! 

our first tomato from our garden.

visiting the berre's and barbie and coot!