guess who has a doppleganger.

we had a great thanksgiving.
stayed at home with the people we love,
watched too much television,
cooked an unconventional feast,
and definitely ate until we were beyond full.

this man and his son look a lot alike.


we met walker rose berre!

the newest addition to the wolfe/berre/popken grandbabies!
walker rose berre

  she is the cutest, sweetest little girl.

we had a fun and quick couple of days in dallas.
it never seems like long enough.

pretty sure leica's thinking about snacking on walker.
 handsome river.

  handsome (and teething) leica.

we stayed at the berre's the first night, 
then at my parent's the next.
leica was dying to try out their kitchen sink as a bath tub.
it was perfect!
so cute.


weekend in dallas: part two

lots has been going on!
dustin's mom and grandma were in town last week,
which was so fun. 
 leica got to open some presents...

 ...got to try on his new warm clothes...
 ...and got lots and lots of g-ma and great g-ma snuggle time!

  dustin and i went out to dinner on halloween night. it was the perfect night to go out.
family picture before we left!
 bryan, molly, brady, and lauren 
were in dallas for halloween weekend, so
we packed the car and drove up to spend the weekend with them.
 leica (as willie) with barbie.
such a sweet picture!

 brady as batman!
 flora holding her younger, almost bigger, cousin.

 all the cousins and older, wiser garrett.

 the whole fam at hillcrest baseball field.

brady sliding into home base.
he takes baseball very serioiusly.
what a champ!