barton springs

dustin's brother, nick, is in town with his girlfriend, kendall. we went to barton springs on friday. its always a great place to take people that are in from out of town, especially when its this dang hot outside.

getting ready for the springs.
which should i wear?

leica & kendall

dad dipped leica's feet in the cool water. 
since barton springs is a natural spring-fed pool, it's a brisk 68 degrees year-round.


 before we put the cradle directly on the floor, leica loved to use it's sway to schooch all the way over to one side and stick his little arms through the slats. after a few ridiculous nightmares of extremely impossible things happening to leica's arms, we put the cradle on the floor, but here he is busted!

leica might not look like he is having a great time, 
but trust me, he is.


four months old!

i slacked last month on posts! we are just so busy these days running around seeing people and places. leica turned four months old yesterday and a bunch of stuff has happened in this month.

leica found his tongue!
this is almost the only view i have of my sweet boy these days.

 his tongue may not be sticking out here, 
but its right behind that bottom lip.

 leica and i went up to dallas last weekend for betsy's 30th! birthday. dustin had to stay in austin for work and our camera broke the previous weekend, so i have no pictures, but i'm sure betsy will post some on her blog here when she gets a chance. its always a blast when we get to go up to dallas. flora is a big help since she's really into babies right now.

leica had his 4 month wellness check-up yesterday, as well. 
he weighed in at 14 lbs 13 oz.
he measured 24.5 in.
he's right in the middle of the road on the growth charts. developmentally, he's hitting all the markers with better core strength, holding his head up and steady, and when enjoying tummy time he's lifting himself up to take a look around. he's not quite rolling over, yet, but i'm sure that's right around the corner.



party boy!

sometimes we party so hard, laughing, gurgling, singing that there's a mess to clean up!